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Corporater Acquires Origin AS to Strengthen its Leading Business Management Platform. With the addition of Origin Process Manager to the platform, Corporater is able to deliver off the shelf business management solutions that are unique. [ Read More ]

Who we are

Origin is a Norwegian software company that is part of the Corporater Group. We deliver an intelligent business process management (iBPM) suite, used by a wide variety of customers to orchestrate and optimize complex business processes. Origin also delivers a range of services within system integration and custom software development.

Origin Process Manager

Orchestrate your work processes

Origin Process Manager and Corporater BMP brings you the future of business management. Together we help you define, execute, measure, and optimize your business processes to deliver better business outcomes.


We deliver a full-featured suite of business process management features

Interaction management
Orchestrating different types of activities and interactions at runtime
App authoring
Supporting easy to build, process-centric apps
Business activity monitoring
Continuously track the state of process instances and behaviors as they occur.
Rules management
Providing guidance based on business directives or policies
Enabling insights for making better decisions
Access from a variety of mobile devices
Integration with third-party systems and services
Process optimization
Discovery and optimization of activities needed to improve business outcomes
Event history
Archiving and reporting of process history

Our customers at a glance

Origin serves a number of leading global clients in different industries

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